Board-level Mentoring and Consultancy Services To Help You Develop, Transform and Succeed

We Support Senior Managers and Leaders

Circling Squares provides mentoring and consultancy services to support executive boards, senior managers and leadership teams.

We work with ambitious and innovative leaders and their organisations, helping them to develop, transform and succeed in today’s world.

We help solve problems and deliver results by unlocking potential – from career development, recruitment and succession planning, to strategy development, change management and communications.

Our services



We specialise in advising companies on how to get results when dealing with public sector organisations.



Working in partnership with like-minded companies and individuals to support cultural and transformational change within organisations.



It’s lonely at the top. What if you could talk to a mentor who understands the problems you are facing?

About Circling Squares

Allen Graham is the founder and Managing Director of Circling Squares Ltd.

Circling Squares’ aim is to shape and fulfil the development of ambitious organisations, collaborate with others to maximise knowledge, experience and value for money, and support individuals who are facing unique or challenging situations as leaders.

Allen is an experienced public sector leader, having served in a range of leadership roles in all types of local authorities. Throughout his 30-year career, he built a reputation for leading change and transforming services, communicating and developing effective strategies to bring success.

Allen Graham