About Us

Allen Graham

Allen Graham is the founder and Managing Director of Circling Squares Ltd.

Allen is an experienced public sector leader, having served in a range of leadership roles in all types of local authorities. Throughout his 30-year career, he built a reputation for leading change and transforming services, communicating and developing effective strategies to bring success.

Allen’s leadership ethos transformed customer-centric delivery, developing empowered workforces and communicating effectively with political influencers and leaders. He successfully devised communication strategies to maximise community engagement, political priorities and workforce engagement.

Specialising in stakeholder management, economic development and customer services, he built and led a dynamic team recognised as the National Senior Management Team of the Year in 2015.

He also led the development of the business-like strategy and culture that delivered major asset transformation to Rushcliffe Borough Council, which led to the Entrepreneurial and Commercial Council of the Year Award in 2018.

He is an experienced and qualified director and trustee. He has also developed and launched a successful social enterprise company, Streetwise, and is the chair of the charity Safe & Sound which supports young people at risk of exploitation.

He is also an active director of Willesley Park Golf Club.

Allen Graham

The Ethos of Circling Squares

Circling Squares’ aim is to shape and fulfil the development of ambitious organisations. The unusual name stems from the idea of trying to put a square peg in a round hole. As Allen explains:

The phrase trying to fit square pegs into round holes has always fascinated me as it implies forcing an object designed for one purpose into an alternative environment or space to make it work.
My experience has demonstrated time and again that when leaders and organisations come under pressure, this is often the approach they take. Taking a hard line or being rigid within a business, with your employees or your customers, will often result in additional work together with a loss of reputation, money, and efficiency.
However, continual moulding and shaping of an organisation inevitably results in the constant development of your people, technology, products and services. In my experience, this results in a more rounded organisation that will gather momentum, continually evolve and gain repeat custom.