Collaboration With Others

Working Together

Our expertise is in public sector leadership, but by collaborating with experts in other fields, collectively we can deliver unique products and programmes which aim to support ambitious organisations.

We are keen to hear from other consultants and entrepreneurially-minded people who are looking to create development programmes. We can offer expertise in economic development, organisational design and creative entrepreneurial thinking.

Our collaborative projects include consultancy, economic development and leadership development, and examples are shown below.



Working With Collaborative Partners

With a select group of associates with wide-ranging experience at senior level, predominantly in the public sector, we offer strategic advice and mentoring to senior teams in the fields of:

  • Change management
  • Organisational development
  • Recruitment
  • Economic development

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Economic Development

Creative Turn-Key Solutions

Working with a unique blend of an architectural design company, developer and financer we have formed a collaboration focussed upon town centre regeneration, affordable and rural housing solutions.

Our services can help Local Authorities with their own property companies to generate capacity, maximise creativity and accelerate local delivery. Our services include expertise, knowledge and experience to bring forward stalled regeneration sites, increase affordable and rural housing supply by:

  • identifying
  • negotiating
  • securing/consulting
  • planning
  • designing and building

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Leadership Development

Leadership Communications

Working with renowned communication and leadership development experts we are proud to have collaborated in the development of a unique package.

Leadership Communications in The Digital Society is an innovative programme designed to provide practical and comprehensive learning across the strategic and tactical communications that public sector leaders need now, and into the future, to perform effectively.

The programme covers:

  • Reputation management
  • Strategic digital communications
  • Social media
  • Tactical digital communications

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Working in the Board Room

Allen Graham has a wide range of experience and expertise in working within the board rooms of commercial and voluntary organisations. Using his wide range of strategic, marketing, finance and governance knowledge, he is keen to work with emerging companies, experienced developers and public sector providers to deliver their growth strategies and ambitions.

As a director of a privately owned golf club, he has advised, led and implemented workshops, a five-year strategy, governance review, and organisation re-design.

He is available to work with other private member golf clubs in producing their sustainable business strategies.

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