Consultancy – Working With The Public Sector

Public Sector Consultancy

To the uninitiated, dealing with public sector organisations can be frustrating. The public sector can appear slow-moving, bureaucratic and complicated.

When private firms enter into business partnerships with public sector organisations or need the support or approval of a public body, they often don’t have the experience in dealing with this unique sector to get the results they want.

We specialise in advising companies on how to get results from the public sector through a deep understanding of its culture, relationships and working practices. We can help you to know what you need to do to achieve the right outcomes.

Our insights into the public sector come from experienced associates with in excess of 40-year careers in local government, including our founder being CEO of a district council which was recognised as one of the best performing in the UK.


Who Do We Work With?

We work alongside leaders at a senior level and management teams whose projects involve working with public sector organisations.

Our consultancy includes advice on overall strategy and tactical advice and insight at each step of a project to improve your chances of success. This ranges from managing service design and delivery to reviewing processes, decision-making and risk exposure.

Types of project vary widely – some examples include:

  • consultancy on senior recruitment;
  • advising developers working to deliver affordable housing or engage with housing associations;
  • strategic economic development projects;
  • independent investigations concerning decisions made by staff or an organisation.
  • arbitration between politicians and local government officers.

How Do We Work?

We work with you to analyse and solve a specific problem. We’ll agree on timescales and parameters, working towards a defined outcome.

Project scope varies, but usually results in either:

  • a review document or report with recommendations, 
  • a presentation to the board, 
  • evidence or material to enable you to solve your problem,
  • practical support overseeing decision making, implementation or change management


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