The Olympics has always acted as an inspiration for myself – however I think this week despite the pandemic and the clear differences in the occasion, has exceeded all expectations in relation to the inspirational stories of achievement, support and recognition.

Self Awareness and Bravery

The on-going story of the brave decision by Simone Biles (BBC Sport) to withdraw herself from the team and individual gymnastics Olympic events has inspired and re-assured me that the importance of the health and wellbeing of our stars, workforce and colleagues is finally at the forefront of peoples thinking.

What most fascinated me was the realization that Simone had an awareness that she was getting lost in the complicated move of twists she was set to perform. This must have been extremely frightening and confusing and ultimately could have been very dangerous. It made me sit and reflect how this relates to the complex world we are all living in at the moment. Much of the global workforce has been required to react, adapt and perform in a world of continuing change and transformation. For some this could well have left them feeling lost within the role they perform for the organization they work for. What will now be required is the open discussions to establish the health of the workforce as we begin to re-connect and re-ignite the values, culture and ambition of our organisations.

I worry that the less enlightened leaders will merely think a return to the work environment will simply mean re-setting the previous culture (which may have been fit for purpose at that time) rather than taking time to evaluate the journey, current health and future needs of their staff.

With current workforce shortages in a number of sectors and a changing in aspirations of both the existing and future workforce now will be an important time to understand the alignment of the needs of the workforce with the culture and values of the organization.

The Opportunity and Solution

I have recently been working on an exciting collaborative initiative with Sarah Markham , founder and Chief Executive of Calm In A Box and Beverly Agass, a very experienced and respected former Chief Executive. Together we believe we can support organizational leaders in creating a dialogue with your workforce, assist in re-setting the culture and supplying unique workforce health and wellbeing development programmes. If this is something that interests you simply complete the Circling Squares enquiry form.

Photo by Andre Ouellet on Unsplash