Mentoring for CEOs and Senior Managers

It’s Lonely At The Top

Chief executives and senior managers often feel they can’t talk, in confidence, to those around them about work-related problems. The lack of an experienced but impartial ear can lead to inertia, creeping self-doubt and a loss of confidence.

In today’s rapidly changing work environment, there is little time for envisioning, planning and evaluating future opportunities.

What If You Could Talk To A Mentor?

Someone who has been there and who understands the problems you are facing. Someone to act as a sounding board, lending an empathetic ear, coupled with decades of leadership expertise.

A mentor who is ready to offer support, ideas, experience and energy.

Allen has more than 40-years’ experience in local government and is also an experienced chairman, non-executive director and trustee. As a highly successful chief executive, his teams won national awards. Now, as a business mentor, he is committed to using his and his associates’ core values of integrity, collaboration and honesty to improve the lives of leaders and senior managers who need help to progress, both personally and professionally.


What Does Mentoring Achieve?

My mentoring service is a collaboration between you and Circling Squares. We will work with you to bring out your best, and to help you find the right path.

I specialise in four areas:

  • personal development
  • career development
  • project-based mentoring, and
  • career transitioning

for both individuals and leadership teams.

Mentoring for Personal Development

Mentoring sessions cover a range of problems, and we help you identify the skills and expertise you need to succeed.

One issue we often see in senior managers is dealing with a lack of confidence.

We recently worked with a senior executive who struggled with the confidence required to pitch a project to their CEO. We worked with them to develop a preparation and delivery strategy for their pitch. This gave them the confidence to deliver, which they did (and they got their funding).

Mentoring for Personal Development

Mentoring for Career Development

Are you looking for a promotion to higher management? Many senior managers are now pursuing mentoring to further their careers. We work with senior leaders on their career development strategies, offering valuable insights into what it takes to make the next step.

With access to a chartered director and a fellow of the Institute of Directors, we also mentor new or inexperienced leaders wishing to improve their effectiveness at board level.

MEntoring for Career Development

Mentoring for Leadership Teams

Led by a former public sector CEO, we have a wealth of experience in leading project teams across a wide range of disciplines. we provide mentoring and workshops to help you work through strategic, cultural and organisational challenges.

There are three areas where we have a particular interest:

  • Delivering economic development projects – we offer advice and expertise in overcoming the barriers to development projects, understanding the communication and consultation challenges and delivering on your strategic objectives.
  • Strategies for organisational change and staff motivation – we believe we do not make it enough of a priority to coach and mentor our people to get better. We can help you with staff motivation, development and retention strategies that will help your organisation continue to grow in a rapidly changing work environment.
  • Improving diversity and equality at work – we can help you to devise strategies to create a better, balanced and more effective workforce.
Mentoring for Leadership Teams

Want To Find Out More About Mentoring?

To find out whether we could work together to help you move forward, get in touch for an initial confidential chat.